Facebook at Work

I work at a small clinic in my town, and we spend a lot of time on our computers. All of our client information is computer based, and we have many resources we take from online. So, obviously, we spend a lot of time staring into the bright screens in front of us.

Now, I’m not saying that we slack off at work, but occasionally (as most employees do) we check our email. Checking our email at least once a day is actually part of our job, and is in our contract. Facebook, however, is not. Interestingly enough, only the computers at the reception desk have been blocked from Facebook. Ironically, the receptionists are the ones who go on Facebook the least.

Spending the company's time, for your own pleasure.

In the back of our clinic, there is no block on Facebook, thus the people back there are able to surf as much as they want, as long as they delete their browsing history afterwards. In the doctor’s office, the same rule applies.

We have been told countless times that we are not to be on Facebook during company time. Do I think this is fair? Yes, I do. I don’t believe that we should be wasting time while we are supposed to be doing our jobs. However, I think that perhaps during lunch breaks we should be able to go on Facebook and surf the internet freely. It is, after all, our free time, isn’t it?

There are of course ways to get around the Facebook block, however those can also be tracked, so I usually just avoid Facebook at work.

It’s a little sad that people can’t be trusted to do the work they are being paid to do. If we could just save the social networking for when we got home, it would save so much hassle and money. Unfortunately, we are tied to our Facebook, Twitter and Myspace accounts, and it doesn’t look like we will be letting go any time soon.

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Mac Attack: Apple Taking Over “The Pinch”

Ah yes, the same old “Mac vs PC” debate. Which is better? Which one is right for YOU?

Who will you choose?

But it’s become a little more complicate over the past few years. And here’s why. The Pinch. Simple concept, but worth millions. Apple is trying to patent this simple and easy to remember concept for use on their products, and only their products. But this will cause chaos in the years to come, as so many companies switch to touch screens and multi-touch surfaces.

What will happen in the future, when only Apple is able to use these controls? We will have three different movements for three different devices, all for one single function! Soon enough everything technological will be touchscreen. Everything from computers to televisions to even appliances! This video demonstrates the different movements you can use on current MacBooks, these are the functions that Apple is trying patent!

If Apple manages to get these all to themselves, they will basically be in control of the multi-touch surfaces of the future. All other companies will have to change their ideas and create new movements for the same functions.

I understand why Apple wants “the pinch” all to themselves, but that just isn’t convenient to the consumer! As far as computers and music players go, I’m all for Apple, my MacBook and iPod have yet to displease me. But I love my Sony television and my Samsung phone, and I doubt I’ll be making a change any time soon to all Apple products.

In the long run, it would be much better if Apple doesn’t get the patent, thus all companies will be able to use the same movements, cutting frustration and simplifying electronics for all. Can’t we all just get along?

Living in Harmony

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Don’t Download This Song

Alright people, seriously, who here hasn’t shouted “ARRR”, thrown on an eye patch and pirated a few songs with their trusty parrot on their shoulder??

Okay, okay, maybe not the eye patch and parrot things, but indeed most of you would have said yes if asked whether you download songs illegally or not. (Well, maybe not to a police officer…)

Of course, you have to live with the guilt of depriving those poor starving artists of this million dollar salary each year. But in all seriousness, why do all those artists and celebrities  need the money? So that when they become mind-blowingly intoxicated and crash their five hundred thousand dollar cars, they can pay their way out of jail? Not only that, but buy a brand new car to crash on a later date!! No thanks!

Some artists are worth supporting though, like the ones doing humanitarian work or the ones who are donating the profits from the sales to people in need. But really, expensing a fifty thousand dollar shopping spree, or a fifth boat to match a resort in the bahamas is a little ridiculous.

Thus, people do everything from Limewire to using torrents to rip entire cds or even movies off the internet for free. We have created a giant, sharing community devoted to one thing. Getting what we want for free. And now, with a click of a button, the entire “Beatles” discography can be on your computer and in your iTunes without paying a cent.

We have so many resources nowadays giving us the ability to get everything we need for our listening and viewing pleasures, absolutely free. You don’t even have to include shipping and handling. Fancy that. There is a catch though! Piracy does of course make you a criminal. If you didn’t know this, feel free to watch the following informative video;

And if you need any more convincing, simply listen to the following song by Weird Al. He’ll let you know that if you download songs illegally then you will be prosecuted as the criminal you are!

Don’t Download This Song by Weird Al Yankovic

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Trading Privacy for Fun, Facebook Style.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys out there, but when I log onto Facebook it’s not all about just reconnecting with friends. I mean, yeah it’s nice to see who has posted on your wall and it’s always nice to see that you have a message in your inbox, but I, as well as thousands of other Facebook users, have ulterior motives.

Farmville, Zoo World, Happy Aquarium. Petville, Treasure Island, SPP Ranch. Call me a loser, but I love the games on Facebook.

Unfortunately playing these games comes with a price. In order to access the applications one must allow said application to access your personal info. Everything from your age and sex to your email address.

As much fun as these games are, they are not worth my personal information.  This is why I (as well as many others) create pseudo-accounts. An email address created specifically for this purpose, fake name, sex and age to match.

But why, may I ask you, do we have to go through all this trouble just to play a few silly games? Sure Facebook is getting around to changing it, but in that time are we just supposed to abstain from our precious games? I certainly don’t want to wait.

After all, what’s the point of having a Facebook account if you’re not getting full use of it? Seems kind of silly to me.

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